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The public libraries of Cullman County stand ready to assist in insuring that every child in Cullman County has a great educational experience. Our goal is to create a partnership between schools and public libraries that will empower youth to be independent thinkers and learners. There are numerous ways that we can help teachers, principals, counselors, caregivers and others provide wonderful learning experiences for area youth.


The Youth Services Staff encourages classes and youth groups to visit Cullman County’s public libraries for a guided tour. Children who are familiar with the building and staff are more likely to become regular library users.

Possible group activities include:

  • Tours tailored to grade levels (PreK-Gr.8)
  • A brief tour of the physical layout of the library.
  • Brief, general orientation to library resources (Gr. 3 - 8)
  • A look at the available types of books, videos, databases, magazines, Internet resources, etc.
  • Focused orientation to library resources that tie in with a classroom unit. (Gr. 3 - 8)
  • Storytime or storytelling sessions (PreK - Gr. 8)
  • Booktalks to motivate reading (Gr. 1 - 8)
  • Instruction in using Homework Alabama, the Alabama Virtual Library, Learn-A-Test, or the library’s card catalog.
  • Library card registration (parental signatures must be obtained)

The public libraries of Cullman County are popular spots to visit! Arrangements for group visits/programs/tours must be made AT LEAST TWO WEEKS IN ADVANCE, due to staffing considerations and availability.

Tours for preschoolers through 8th grade are arranged by Youth Services Staff. Please call the School Resources Hotline at 734-4824 or email

The application form for tours must be submitted.

Download tour application form in: MS Word or Adobe PDF

In order to provide a quality experience for all concerned, group size is limited to 30 students.

Special preparations are made for your visit. If you are unable to keep your appointment, PLEASE CALL TO CANCEL, even on the day of the scheduled visit. We appreciate your cooperation!

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Classroom Visits to the Library

PLANNING A VISIT TO THE LIBRARY? Our staff looks forward to working with you and your students. The public library can be a useful complement to classroom and media center collections.

Here are some guidelines for you to follow to get the most out of your trip:

Call in advance....Our librarians will be happy to work with you to plan your class visit to the library. Please call at least one month in advance to ensure we will be prepared to assist your class or group. You may reach the Youth Services Department 734-4824 or email

Our collection is different from school libraries ... We can serve you best by communicating about your needs and our resources. While the collections of school media centers are intended to support the school curriculum, the public library is primarily designed to serve individuals with a wide range of interests and ages. This means we may not have sufficient materials to serve whole classes and rarely have multiple copies of books. If you contact us when you have an assignment that involves using the public library, we will work with you to prepare and, if necessary, set some materials aside. Please see our Assignment Alert Form available online and at your local library.

Download Assignment Alert form in: MS Word or Adobe PDF

Bring money for copies and printouts...Copies can be made for 20 cents per page.

There are some Internet Access Terminals available for research-- patrons sign up and may be given a time limit. Printouts are 10 cents per page. Group tours suggested, supervision required...School classes, numbering no more than 30, are invited to visit the library. Groups of 10 or more require more than one adult supervisor. Adult supervisors must remain with and assist the group during the visit. Staff members will conduct a tour in the area of your interest. Visits may be geared to learn specific skills or to work on resources for assignments. Students are encouraged to return to the library after school hours to use the resources further.

Getting a Library Card...Students should bring their library cards with them when they come to the library for a class visit as well as on their own. Students whose library cards are in good standing may check out books at the time of your visit. We will only issue new cards during a class visit when adequate parental supervision is provided (parental permission is required to provide library cards to person under 16 years of age). We have found it is important for children to use the public library with the knowledge and guidance of their parents. For more information about getting your students a library card see Getting Carded.


The Youth Services staff welcomes the opportunity to visit classrooms in Cullman County, public or private.

Please submit the request form to the Youth Services Department seven to fourteen days in advance to arrange a time and date convenient to everyone.

Download Classroom Visit Request form in: MS Word or Adobe PDF

Subjects for presentations include:

  • Library services and resources
  • Library card registration (please discuss with staff)
  • Booktalks (general or specific)
  • Telling or reading stories
  • Summer Library Reading Program
  • Special programs and workshops

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Getting a library card is an important part of any contact with the Library. Getting your first library card is free! Cards can be used at all public libraries in Cullman County. More information about getting a library card is available at (insert link).

Groups may arrange to receive library cards through the following steps:

  • Group Tours of the Library:
    Once a date for your group visit has been scheduled, Youth Services Staff will make arrangements for you to receive library card applications for your group. Completed application forms, signed by parent or legal guardian, and checked by school or organization staff for parent/guardian signature and current address, should be turned in at least one week prior to the visit, so that library staff can process them for immediate use on the day of your visit. Borrowing books on the day of the visit makes the experience more meaningful and enjoyable for the children.
  • Classroom Visits by Librarians:
    Youth Services Librarians can bring library card applications for distribution to students during a scheduled visit to your school classroom. Completed application forms may be returned for a library card by an individual student in person or by a teacher. Forms returned by an individual must be signed by a parent or legal guardian in front of a librarian, and current picture ID and proof of address provided. Cards will be provided immediately. Forms returned by a teacher must be checked by school staff for parent/guardian signature and current address. Library cards created from application forms received by a teacher will be sent back to the teacher for distribution.
    For more information, contact the Youth Services Department: 734-4824 or


  1. Avoid mass assignments where all your students need the same books at the same time. We know this is not always possible, but if you notify us in advance with an ASSIGNMENT ALERT form, we can reserve these materials and put them on the Temporary Reserve Shelf.
  2. Send the library a copy of your required reading list and curriculum.
  3. Accept photocopies of articles and pictures rather than requiring an original.
  4. Call and ask if you are not sure that the library will have the resources your students will need to complete an assignment. We will help and accommodate you in any way we can.
  5. If you have a question or problem that cannot be answered in your media center, contact us at 734-4824 or ask your school media coordinator.


While the Youth Services collection is broad in scope it is limited in terms of multiple copies. In order to ensure the best possible library experience for your students we would appreciate advance notice of class assignments. Assignment Alert lets us know when you and your students will need materials for research assignments and large class assignments. Alert the Library by completing the online Assignment Alert form, pick up forms at the school or public library checkout desks, or call and leave a detailed message. Please return the completed form BEFORE the assignment is given to students. Should you need more copies of the Assignment Alert Form or have any questions, please contact the School Resources Hotline at 734-4824 or the Public Services Coordinator at

With your advance notice, the Youth Services staff can:

  • Assess the Library resources on the assignment and, if necessary, put them on Temporary Reserve. This will prevent the first few students from checking everything out and depleting the collection!
  • Use interlibrary loan or borrow materials from other libraries to enhance the collection on the topic. Students will need to plan to do their research in the Library unless we are directed by the teacher to allow Temporary Reserve materials to check out.
  • By giving the Library advance notice of assignments students will have greater success in their research, which in turn leads to increased self-esteem!

Thank you for your cooperation!

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  • Back to School/Open House nights
  • Parent/Student Orientation meetings
  • PTA/PTO Meetings
  • Provide Good Books for Kids booklists and workshops
  • Classes on using “Homework Alabama”, the Alabama Virtual Library, Learn-A-Test, NoveList, and “Cullcat”, Cullman County Library’s catalog
  • Summer Library Program (HYPERLINK TO BELOW
  • After School Programs (HYPERLINK TO BELOW)

If you would like a representative from the library at your event or program, or for more information, please contact the Youth Services Coordinator at 734-4824 or email

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Designed for school-age and preschool children, the summer library program features the family performances, story hours, crafts, movies, special events, contests, Junior Volunteer opportunities, Kids As Storytellers, teen programs, and many other activities.
For detailed information go to the SLP web page (HYPERLINK) or pick up a current SLP brochure from the library between June and August.


Contact the Youth Services Coordinator to request a storytime program for your after school group. Programs run from 30 - 60 minutes and involve a variety of activities such as storytelling, books, skits, poems, and participation stories. There may be a handout or bookmark available for students to keep as a souvenir of the program. Contact the Youth Services Coordinator at 734-4824 or email




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