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Cullman County Public Library System

Our Mission Statement:
To provide services and materials for the education, enrichment, and entertainment of the people of Cullman County and its municipalities.

Friends of the Public Libraries of Cullman County Reading Tree Logo

Donations Cart

You can enter the amount that you prefer to donate in this cart. It may be done as a one-time donation, or a recurring donation.

You may also submit corporate donations by using this link. Corporate donations fall into these catagories:

PayPal charges a small processing fee (per transaction) to accept these donations from certain payment types like credit cards, debit cards, and PayPal Credit. If you would like to add about 3% to the total of the donation, you would help insure that the charity group gets all of the money intended. Follow this calculation for an adjusted amount: (Donation Amount) x (1.03)

You can avoid paying fees, or costing the charity these fees by using your PayPal account to send the money directly from your linked account using our email, friendsofcullmanlibraries@gmail.com. Be sure to tell us let us know if this is a Corporate Donation, otherwise it will be treated as a personal donation.