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Cullman County Public Library System

Our Mission Statement:
To provide services and materials for the education, enrichment, and entertainment of the people of Cullman County and its municipalities.

2019 Fall Brown Bag Lecture Series

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All Brown Bag Lecture events start at 12 noon, unless otherwise noted.

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—Wednesday October 2, 2019,  The Art of Book Folding

Old, damaged, or outdated books can become enduring works of art. Patty Easterling will give an introduction to the art of book folding in a fun program. Books, rulers, and a basic pattern will be provided. Patty will show additional patterns to give everyone ideas for further creativity.

Flags waiving with a church behind them

BONUS Evening Program

—Thursday October 3, 2019 @ 5:30pm,  Shot in Alabama

CCPLS will host Huntsville author Frances Osborn Robb, a Bicentennial Scholar, who is passionate about old photographs. As part of her research of the evolution of photography, she spent decades examining more than 100,000 Alabama photographs. This research became a book on the subject: “Shot in Alabama: A History of Photography 1839-1941.” The photographs in her book came from individuals, libraries and state archive collections, including Alabama’s.

CCPLS invites those who attend Shot in Alabama to bring their photographs to the program because the author enjoys meeting people of every age and ethnicity. The author says she enjoys the give-and-take as program participants show her their treasured images and tell her about the sitters, their families, and their lives. She in return she will help them date the images and figure out who might be represented in them.

—Wednesday October 9, 2019  Memories of Survival During WWII in Nazi Germany

How do you forgive the unforgiveable? Rosemarie Musso has written a book, Father Forgive Them: The Four Laws of Forgiveness, to share her childhood experiences in Nazi Germany and how she has learned to forgive.

antique patchwork quilt

—Wednesday October 16, 2019,  Basics of Quilting and Quilt Exhibit

Quilts are art, comfort and history all bound up together. Hazel Ruehl will introduce the basics of quilting and share examples of quilts.

—Wednesday October 23, 2019,  Bloody Beat 22

Murder and mystery in Holly Pond and the surrounding area are shown in Bloody Beat 22, a PowerPoint presentation by Brenda Scott and Carolyn Bryan of the Holly Pond Historical Society.

—Wednesday October 30, 2019,  A History of the Cullman Electric Co-op

Brian Lacy will use photos he has collected from the creation of the Cullman Electric Co-op showing people, places, trends and events that shaped Cullman Electric Co-op. He will use a PowerPoint slide show of photos and also bring some old photos for display. Many photos show the community and how the Co-op changed Cullman County through the years.

two fresh strawberries

—Wednesday November 6, 2019  If Cotton is King, Then Strawberries are Queen

Strawberries are part of both the history and the agriculture of Cullman County. Roberta McClellan from the Alabama Cooperative Extension Center will share detailed information including photos of families that raised strawberries that graced America’s tables before and after WWII. She is the author of If Cotton is King, Then Strawberries are Queen.

—Wednesday November 13, 2019,  Medicine in Cullman County

As a physician and a member of the local historical society, Dr. Peinhardt has in-depth knowledge of medicine in Cullman County. He will share information about medicine from earliest times in Cullman through current day medical practices.

—Wednesday December 4, 2019,  Blount Springs & Hanceville, Alabama

Greg Burden is an amateur historian and author who grew up in Hanceville, Alabama, where he had lots of opportunities to visit Blount Springs and be fascinated by its history. His fascination with history was sparked by his fourth grade textbook, Know Alabama. He will be speaking about both Blount Springs and Hanceville. Following his talk, he will have books to sell.